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  • What is the FIT Lab?

    FIT means Future Interaction Technologies — it’s about the complex devices that change our lives, for better or worse — whether in our homes, cars, mobile phones or medical devices.

    Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) can be a creative and exciting field of research, but in collaboration with companies like Microsoft Research, Nokia, and the NHS, the FIT Lab likes to focus on Grand Challenges

    The FIT Lab was opened in 2006 by Professor Harold Thimbleby and has since grown to include a range of world-leading HCI experts.

    As well as performing world-class HCI research, the FIT Lab runs PhD, MSc and MRes programs.
  • Where is the FIT Lab?

    The FIT Lab is part of the Computer Science Department of Swansea University in Wales, UK.
  • Conferences

    The FIT Lab team regularly submit, review and attend many world leading international conferences, including:
    • CHI
    • Mobile HCI
    • Ubicomp
    • Pervasive Heath
    • JCDL
    • TPDL
    • ECIS
    • CSCW
    • DIS
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FIT Lab News

Back-to-back hack week!

29 March 2015

Plant Hack winners and organisers
Ready, set, HACK! The FIT Lab have organised and attended two hacks last week! Last Monday kicked off with a Plant hackathon held in Emmanuel College, Cambridge which was all about encouraging richer, physical interactions with social media to promote sustainability. Not only did we run this hack, but we also submitted a team who won a runner up prize for the best story.

After this great event, Patrick, Gerrit and Jen then accompanied 10 undergraduate students to the Chapter Art centre in Cardiff for a BBC run newsHACK. The two teams (Oxwich and Rhosilli) comprised of: Stuart Watson, Priya Patel, Cameron Steer, Matheus Fernandez-Torquato, Riza Gulsen, Kristoffer Page, Peter Jenkins, Mathew Lloyd, Kajal Grant-Hindocha and Jonathan Bailey. We are also pleased to announce that our two teams won 3 out of the 4 prizes available, including the prize for overall best hack! The lucky winners won a trip to London to visit the BBC connected studios! Well done teams!

Teams Rhosilli and Oxwich at the BBC news hack in Cardiff

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