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  • What is the FIT Lab?

    FIT means Future Interaction Technologies — it’s about the complex devices that change our lives, for better or worse — whether in our homes, cars, mobile phones or medical devices.

    Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) can be a creative and exciting field of research, but in collaboration with companies like Microsoft Research, Nokia, and the NHS, the FIT Lab likes to focus on Grand Challenges

    The FIT Lab was opened in 2006 by Professor Harold Thimbleby and has since grown to include a range of world-leading HCI experts.

    As well as performing world-class HCI research, the FIT Lab runs PhD, MSc and MRes programs.
  • Where is the FIT Lab?

    The FIT Lab is part of the Computer Science Department of Swansea University in Wales, UK.
  • Conferences

    The FIT Lab team regularly submit, review and attend many world leading international conferences, including:
    • CHI
    • MobileHCI
    • Ubicomp
    • Pervasive Heath
    • JCDL
    • TPDL
    • ECIS
    • CSCW
    • DIS
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FIT Lab News

Summer Fun

31 July 2017

After another busy few months of travel for many, we are all enjoying the start of the summer by attending graduation last week. This year, during the run up to the CHI deadline, we will be super busy organising Mobile HCI in Vienna. As well as charing many of this year's events, we have also had good success with papers; one full, one short and a DC contribution. We've been so busy organising that we forgot to report on our activities and successes over the past few months, including two honourable mentions and the best case study award at this year's CHI, and our talk on the future of screen displays at the Hay Festival!

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