What does FIT Lab Teach?

The FIT Lab teaches specialist masters in Human-Computer-Interaction offering both MSc and MRes (master of research) courses as well as a full PhD programme:

  • MSc in Advanced Computer Science: Human Computer Interaction (taught)
  • MSc by Research in Human Computer Interaction (research)
  • MRes in Computing & Future Interaction Technologies (research)
  • PhD in HCI

  • The taught MSc, research MSC and MRes are very similar. The three courses share the core FIT content in the first term, then the main difference is whether to take optional taught modules for the taught MSc, or to do a more substantial research project for the research MSc or MRes. All our masters courses give you the advanced skills, knowledge and the evidence of your abilities to enable you to go on and get significant jobs in industry, to work as a freelance consultant - or you can use both MSc and MRes qualifications to lead into doing a PhD, at FIT Lab or elsewhere. For a description of some of the specialist modules we offer, please see our Modules page.

    Our PhD programme offers students the chance to work with world leading HCI experts on many exciting research endevours. In the 3-4 years you will be working as a PhD student you will gain valuable experience in the research sector and given the oppourtunity to work with state-of-the art equipment and reseources in the FIT Lab. As well as learning how to forumate ideas, evaluate designs and improve writing skills you will also be encouraged to publish in international conferences accross the world.

    For more information on our PhD programme, drop us an email with your details or CV to discuss joining our our exciting research team! See our departmental page for more information on the different masters and higher degree courses offered by the FIT Lab and the department as a whole.