Important Dates

  • Submissions: 3rd Feb 2012
  • Notifications: 24th Feb 2012
  • Camera Ready: 2nd March 2012
  • Workshop: 1st April 2012



9 exciting papers accepted.

Keynote annouced: Elaine Toms.



We'll be using the #search4fun hashtag where possible




David Elsweiler

Daivd Elsweiler David Elsweiler is a senior post-doctoral researcher and lecturer at the Department of Information Sciences at the University of Regensburg, Germany. He is a former Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow. His work is focuses on topics such as information seeking, management and re-finding with the main aim of designing information access systems that align with the way people think and behave naturally.

David's Website

Morgan Harvey

Morgan Harey Morgan Harvey is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. His main body of research focuses on understanding the needs of users in various search and information seeking situations, particularly in the growing field of social media. His doctoral thesis introduced a family of new Bayesian latent variable models specifically designed for social media and tackled a number of key open problems in the fields of social tagging and recommender systems. He has a strong background in working with statistical models to better understand observed user behaviour and how these models can be exploited to improve search systems.

Morgan's Website.

Max L. Wilson

Max Wilson Max is a lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction at Nottingham University, having moved from Swansea University in March 2012, where his research focuses on the interplay between HCI and Information Seeking. His work has been published at key conferences and journals, including JASIST, IP&M, IIiX, CHI, JCDL, and UIST. Further, Max has been on the organising committee for several conferences (CHI2010, CHI2011, IIiX2010, IIiX2012, ICWSM2012) and co-chairs the series of euroHCIR workshops that focuse on HCI with Information Retrieval. Max holds an MEng in Software Engineering and PhD in HCI/Information Science from the University of Southampton.

Max's Website.


Program Committee

We've gathered an exciting international program committee to help review our papers:

  • Pertti Vakkari, Tampere, Finland
  • Elaine Toms, Sheffield, UK
  • Ryen White, Microsoft Research, USA
  • Leif Azzopardi, Glasgow, UK
  • Bernd Ludwig, Regensburg, Germany
  • Ian Ruthven, Strathclyde, UK
  • Daniel Tunkelang, LinkedIn, USA
  • Pablo Castells, Madrid, Spain
  • Richard Schaller, Erlangen, Germany
  • Stefan Mandl, Augsburg, Germany
  • Amund, Tveit - Atbrox, Norwaya
  • Michael Hurst - Loughborough University, UK